Anish Kapoor Sculpture

Structurflex was chosen by famed sculptor Anish Kapoor to design, fabricate, and install Dismemberment, Site 1, his first permanent monumental open-air sculpture. Sited at Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand, the sculpture is exposed to the elements and must withstand extreme winds from the Tasman Sea.

A non-conventional coated PES fabric was used to ensure that the sculpture would retain its original appearance over time. Extensive planning and coordination meant coated PES fabric weighing 6.5 tons and steel ellipses weighing 47 tons each were transported to the steep site without issue. A total of 32 longitudinal mono-filament cables secured the installation and assisted the fabric shape in its transition from horizontal ellipse, to a perfect circle at mid-span, to a vertical ellipse at the opposite end.

Videos and Short Films About the Project

“The Art of Politics,” Dateline, SBS

“Anish Kapoor,” Gibbs Farm

“New Form at the Farm: Anish Kapoor’s Dismemberment Site 1,” Ask Labs

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Gibbs Farm, Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand



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Anish Kapoor

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