The riverboat casino on a manmade lake in Kansas City, Missouri has had a series of owners since its construction in 1996, but one thing has remained: the exterior facade, which was designed to look like an olde-time riverboat.

After the Bally’s Corporation purchased the former Isle of Capri Casino in 2020, the company embarked on a $40 million renovation. Because the structure was so defined, the project architect engaged us to come up with an exterior cladding solution that would completely change the look of the casino without altering the building itself.

The design goal was to completely cover the form of the “boat” in a cost-effective manner. We provided preliminary engineering analysis and design-assist for the project. Our recommendations were informed by our studies of pile sizes and structural steel. We collaborated with the design team to introduce visual design elements that redefined the original form, with a nod to the past with the nautical fins.

We developed a “cage” concept that encapsulated the casino. The design was inspired by the fin-based facade we created for the Northwestern University Sailing and Visitors Center, and the waterproof, fiberglass fins are oriented so that they are completely visible from the adjacent interstate.

The zoning regulations in place at the time required the artificial moat to remain in place, so we developed an installation process using boom lifts on barges surrounding the property.

Kansas City, MO



JCJ Architecture


Bally's Corporation

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