Banesco Bank North American Headquarters

As part of a major renovation of the North American headquarters of Banesco Bank, we created three custom facade solutions. The first served to reskin an existing parking garage with a stunning 3D tensile facade. Secondly, a streamlined fabric facade that looks like metal mesh was developed for the corporate office building. Lastly, the mechanical area behind the corporate offices was screened to conceal unsightly machinery and convey a polished look. In total, Structurflex delivered 13,120 square feet of FlexFacade solutions.

This project began with an engineering phase which allowed our team of specialists to assist in the design process and to arrive a solution that was ready to be implemented. Our engineering team are experts in achieving the desired detailing at the correct scale for the project at hand – not oversized (and more expensive) because of a lack of familiarity with tensile materials.

Each facade is 34% open, providing ventilation while also protecting against extreme climate events in the Miami-Dade region. It creates a clear visual identity for Banesco’s headquarters.

“Banesco USA gets new headquarters, gears to hire 140,” Miami Today

Miami, FL


34% open on all screens

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