FlexFacades Fin/Panel Screens

FlexFacades Fin/Panel Screens

SolutionFabricated Fin/Panel Screens (Hardware/No Steel)
ApplicationsFin/Panels on Buildings + Parking Garages
SolutionFabricated Fin/Panel Screens (Aluminum Clamps + Cable + Steel Support)
ApplicationsUndulated Fin/Panels on Office Buildings + Parking Garages

Our FlexFacades Fin / Panel Screen solution allows for truly unique exterior shapes while maintaining maximum airflow. Additionally, the Fin/Panels allow for more directed views of onsite elements that need to be concealed from within the building. If your project has an unusual solar gain issue, these elements can help shade the building and reduce internal solar glare while allowing for maximum views from the structure as well. 

  • Allows for maximum airflow and views
  • Many types of configurations to accommodate the aesthetics vision of the project

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