FlexFacades Decorative Facade Screening

Environmental Benefits

A sustainable built environment begins by considering the components that comprise a building. FlexFacades by Structurflex offers a multi-tiered approach to creating ecologically friendly structures.

Our facades screening systems reduce:

  • Cost — FlexFacades installations are typically 50% less than traditional perforated metal, metal mesh, or glass screening systems.

  • Lifecycle Costs — Most building owners want to refresh the look of their building’s facade in 20 to 30 years. A FlexFacades system can transform the look of the facade very quickly and economically in the future. All the steel and aluminum framing can remain, and you could replace the fabric mesh which is the least expensive component of the entire system.
  • Maintenance Cost — There are NO additional cleaning requirements over that of a metal or glass screening system. There are NO finishes to maintain like you need to do with traditional metal products with refinishing. The cost of mobilizing and refinishing metal finishes cost more than just replacing the fabric mesh after its life expectancy in 20 to 30-years. You could replace just the fabric mesh numerous times and still be under the cost of the original installation cost of a traditional metal or glass screening system.|
  • Weight — FlexFacades fabric meshes are 1% the weight of metal or glass – this means you do not need to reinforce your building to accommodate additional loads like you would for traditional metal or glass screens. FlexFacades can have extremely large panels and requires much less structural support and less anchorage on the building.
  • Waste — FlexFacades fabric meshes have a lower embodiment of energy to produce compared to metal and glass. Most fabric meshes on the market are 100% recyclable. Another benefit that most of the manufactured meshes are from Europe which have the most restrictive environmental standards in the world. Also, most manufacturers comply with California’s 2018 Prop 65 guidelines.
  • Solar Heat — FlexFacades reflect solar heat gain, reduce the heat island effect, maintaining a cool building.
  • Annual Energy Cost — FlexFacades are a very green way of saving money on energy costs. By reducing solar heat gain in the summer months and prevailing winds in the winter months, it is easier to maintain temperatures in the building and reduce the need for HVAC consumption.
  • Brightness — Maintaining Views: FlexFacades reduce interior glare while maintaining daylighting and visual transparency.
  • UV Rays — Not only does FlexFacades protect interior finishes from ultra-violet (UV) damage, but more importantly they provide a layer of protection for employees sitting along exterior windows.

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