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FlexFacades by Structurflex offer innovative, economical alternatives to metal mesh parking garage screening. Made from exterior fire-rated tensile mesh fabrics, FlexFacades screenings are available in a range of “openness” to fit your project’s ventilation and opacity requirements.

It is possible to choose from a variety of colors including metallic silver that looks like metal at half the cost typically. Additionally, most FlexFacades parking garage screening systems can be custom-printed, including with corporate branding, commissioned art, photography, or illustrations, turning parking structures from necessary eyesores to points of visual interest and recognition. We have extensive experience working with artists (architect’s consultant) to realize their vision for the facade. For an additional fee, we also provide graphic design assistance to create a design for the facade.

FlexFacades parking garage screen panels can be seen on parking structures for commercial buildings, universities, hospitals, airports, and residential and mixed-use in all types of climates. We invite you to view our portfolio of featured projects for more details.

At approximately 50% of the cost of metal mesh screens (installed) when using our Cladding Screens solution, FlexFacades parking garage screenings are the clear choice for developers, architects, and contractors who don’t want to sacrifice design but need to contain costs.


    • Economical alternative to metal mesh, perforated metal, and glass.
    • Facade screening up to 50% less expensive installed when using our FlexFacades Cladding Screens solution.
    • 50% less expensive maintenance/life cycle cost. No expensive metal screen refinishing.
    • Reduce solar heat gain
    • Eliminates the need for mechanical ventilation in most cases
    • Green Screening / 100% recyclable*
    • Maintains views out & air ventilation*
    • Silver metallic mesh looks like expensive metal mesh.
    • Innovative / Flexible Design Solutions
    • 10 Year Warranties / 20-30 Year Life Expectancies*
    • Fire rated (ASTM-E-84 / E-136 NON-COMBUSTIBLE)*
    • Better light & noise pollution masking compared to metal.
    • Inexpensive art options & colors.
    • Engineered to survive extreme weather conditions & 1% the weight of metal.
    • Flexible design solutions.

* Depending on the material type selected.


The effects of heat and light with tensile mesh facades

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