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Our firm is uniquely qualified to tackle the design and engineering requirements of your facade project. We are the world’s leading innovator in the development of lightweight building facades. Utilizing the most modern and sophisticated software available, engineers with our team craft and mold ideas into reality. Our engineers are experts in the specialized field of fabric facades.

FlexFacades by Structurflex offers a design team that is unprecedented in our industry. We will support all facets of design and engineering throughout the project development phase. Our staff of highly experienced architects and engineers will assist in the design, engineering and detailing of your project, ensuring it meets the highest standards of aesthetics, cost efficiency, code compliance, safety and long-term reliability. Our expertise, dedication and creativity, coupled with state of the art technologies, will lead to one outcome – the complete success of your project.

Some details about our exclusive experience building tensile facade systems:

  • Light Weight: Because of our extensive experience, we design our structures efficiently. Efficient structures are lighter in weight which means less structure in most cases lowering material costs.
  • Budget Minded: We deliver a turn-key solution designed for your climate to keep your project on budget.
  • Delegated Design: We are the engineer of record for your facade project helping create efficiency. Most consulting engineers that work with architects have never worked with tensile facade structures. With our turnkey service, it works complimentary to their engagement.

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