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Value Engineering for this Project in Miami, FL:

  • Saved Approximately 1.3 Million Dollars from original original specification of a painted perforated metal facade
  • That was a 57% savings
  • Kept the color and pattern
  • Eliminated Steel

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Value Engineering with FlexFacades by Structurflex

As projects develop, there is a need to make sure that it hits a budget target. One place for substantial savings is for facade projects originally designed with metal mesh.

With FlexFacades by Structurflex, we have created a solution that allows you to hit your budget target without compromising on the design. Our durable turnkey solutions aren’t just an aesthetic and lightweight solution that is affordable, but also a way to improve both for the initial cost and lifecycle costs of maintaining the structure. Here are just a few of the reasons why our complete solutions can enhance the design and help keep costs trim: 



50% of Initial Cost Installed compared to metal on a typical project when using our FlexFacades Cladding Screens solution.

MAINTAINS ‘OPEN GARAGE’ (No Mechanical Ventilation):

Our facade screens maintain visual transparency and daylighting which allows for ventilation in the garage. The ability of our materials to allow the structure to ventilate typically means that expensive mechanical ventilation systems are unnecessary.


Our solutions reflect solar heat, reduce heat island effect (which helps in maintaining a cool building in summer), and reduce prevailing cold winds (providing a protective layer in winter). All of these efforts help reduce the carbon footprint of your building and reduce the cost of energy.


Our FlexFacades Solutions maintain visual transparency and daylighting all while reducing interior glare and protecting people from UV rays and interiors from fading from the punishing effects of direct sunlight.

MAINTENANCE SAVINGS (50% Maintenance/Life Cycle Cost):

Refinishing metal facades that rust and fade, especially coastal areas, is 2 to 3 times the cost of a fabric replacement every 20 to 30-yrs. Most of our mesh solutions have a thick PVDF and/or PTFE coatings to protect against fading and provide an additional layer of protection. Cleaning is comparable to metal-clean as needed. For longer-term maintenance, since most building owners normally refresh a building facade every 20+ years, the design of our solution allows for the replacement of the mesh element without the replacement of the structure. 

VERY DURABLE (Engineered to Survive Extreme Weather Conditions):

All our projects have survived extreme weather conditions across the globe. They have survived Hurricanes back to Katrina, Tornados in the Midwest, Extreme Winter Weather of Denver and the Extreme Hot Arid Climates in the Middle East/Southern California.

PUBLIC ART/GRAPHICS (Inexpensive Art Options)

Add artwork applied graphics on select screening material* or a pattern of various composed colors applied economically. 


We have various standard mesh screening colors including fabric that looks like metal as a value engineering solution. Custom mesh colors are available as well on larger projects.

VERY ‘GREEN’ (Reduced Energy/Waste/Recyclable)

Our solutions have a lower embodiment of energy to produce, compared to metal screens and most are 100% recyclable.

LIGHTWEIGHT (Reduced Weight/Larger Panels)

Our solutions are typically 1% the weight of metal screens; can provide extremely large panels with minimal structural support and anchorage.


Our solutions under wind pressure do not vibrate and make noise like metal screens. Additionally, metal, as a hard surface, reflects noise. Our fabric solution reduces and absorbs noise pollution.


Metal screens typically do not provide screening or reduce interior light pollution from within at night. Our fabric-based solutions provide more masking, especially with parking garages.


Metal screens make you feel trapped like you’re in a tin can, whereas fabric does not impede your views out and feels very open.


Comparable to traditional metal screens with 10-year minimum warranties.

Let us look at your next facade project to see how we can help trim your budget.

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