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Fabric vs Metal Screening

Metal facades are an impressive traditional screening option that can help convey the design intention of a building. However, once the project starts looking at budget or value engineering options, it can be a design choice that is difficult to hold onto. With our FlexFacades by Structurflex fabric facade screens, we can craft a durable, lightweight alternative to metal mesh facade screens that will allow you to preserve the design intention and meet your budget requirements — on a typical implementation, the cost can be 50% less.

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50% Initial Cost Installed compared to metal on a typical project:
A value-engineered alternative.



Significantly Reduced Life Cycle Cost:

  • Metal facades rust/fade (especially in coastal areas)
  • The cost of replacing the fabric is 2 to 3x less than refinishing corroded metal
  • Most building owners want to refresh a building façade every 20 years +/-. Our solution allows for quick, inexpensive refacing of a building/structure just by replacing the mesh only while the structure remains. Also, most meshes have a thick PVDF coating to protect against fading and provide an additional layer of protection.
  • Cleaning is comparable to metal.

Protects Building Interior

Reduced UV Damage/Maintains Views:
Not only does a FlexFacades system maintains visual transparency and daylighting; it reduces interior glare and protects from ultra-violet (UV) damage to skin (skin cancer) and to interior finishes (fading).


Energy Savings

Reduced Solar Heat/Carbon Emissions:
Reflects solar heat, reduces heat island effect (maintaining a cool bldg. in summer), reduces prevailing cold winds (providing a jacket in winter); thus, reducing carbon emissions/energy costs.



Engineered to Survive Extreme Weather Conditions: All our projects have survived all extreme weather conditions across the globe. They have survived all the Hurricanes back to Katrina, Tornados in the Midwest, Extreme Winter Weather of Denver, and the Extreme Hot Arid Climates in the Middle East/Southern California.


Graphics / Colors

Add artwork applied graphics on select screens* or various colors composed very economically; we can also provide a fabric that looks like metal as a VE solution. Custom Colors are available as well*.

*Depends on the specific Screening Material Type Selected and/or minimum order quantity.


Environmental Impact

Reduced Energy/Waste/Recyclable: Our screens have a lower embodiment of energy to produce, compared to metal screens and most are 100% recyclable.



Reduced Weight/Larger Panels: Our screens are typically 1% the weight of metal screens; can provide extremely large panels with minimal structural support and anchorage.



Comparable to traditional metal screens with 10-year minimum warranties.

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