Roof Screens

Roof screening doesn’t have to be expensive. FlexFacades tensile roof screening gives you a  cost-effective alternative to metal roof screens.

FlexFacades roof screens maintain airflow around HVAC and mechanical systems. Because our tensile fabric can span longer distances than metal, less structural steel is required. This means cost savings of as much as 50% over metal, fewer penetrations into the roof, and less time required for installation. 

With Flex Facades roof screens, you won’t need to sacrifice design for function. Our roof screening is available in multiple color options and can be designed as cladding screens or modular panels.


    • For Roof Screens 3500 SF and larger or as an addition to a facade project.
    • Economical alternative to metal mesh, perforated metal, and glass.
    • Green Screening / 100% recyclable*
    • Maintains air ventilation*
    • Silver metallic mesh looks like expensive metal mesh
    • Innovative / Flexible Design Solutions
    • 10 Year Warranties / 20-30 Year Life Expectancies*
    • Fire rated (ASTM-E-84 / E-136 NON-COMBUSTIBLE)*
    • Less than 1% of the weight of a Metal Mesh or Glass Decorative Facade Solution
    • Less weight means less structure is required
    • It is possible to span wider spans than with non-fabric solutions
    • A turnkey solution (design assist, engineering, production, installation)

* Depending on the material type selected.

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Roof Screens
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