Public Art and Graphics on Facades

Our public art program is experienced in translating a creative vision into a completed facade that will truly become an icon of the site where the structure stands. Our approach fits projects with an artist as well as projects without an external artist.

For projects working with an artist

FlexFacades offers a turnkey solution for integrating public art into your next facade project. Many times this requirement comes from the city art’s budget or is part of a “City Beautiful” scope that may be required for a project. Our seamless project management allows us to track progress from the beginning of your team’s art selection process through installation. 

Our team offers full support and management for the following:

  • Coordinating with agencies that manage their selection of the artist
  • Working with the artist during production to realize their creative vision
  • Fabrication or fabrication assistance as necessary
  • Installation in consultation with the artist to ensure the project is completed as intended


For projects without an artist

In the event that the project is not contracting with an external artist, FlexFacades by Structurflex will provide, for an additional fee, a custom art piece designed specifically for your facade. 

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