Facade Design Assist

The discovery phase of every project determines the success of the outcome. Our engineers and designers will work closely with your team to identify the practical and aesthetic requirements of the task. Ideas flow both ways during this process so that the facade receives the benefit of combined thinking power.

We offer advice from the most preliminary of sketches on:

  • Types of fabric facades
  • Suitability of shapes
  • Approximate costs
  • Critical path, design analysis, and building logistics
  • Provision of preliminary reaction loads.

Facade Design & Development

A substantial part of our engineering and design activity is dedicated to conceptual design. Once the big idea is right, we add the detail required to turn vision into reality. Our design team will be thoroughly conversant with the building control rules that apply to your location, so you can be confident that there won’t be any expensive re-designing down the track for your facade screen.

Our designers actively participate in design forums, to ensure they get the stimulus and input required to push boundaries. Continuous improvement is embedded in our culture, and that means that our facade screens can offer the maximum benefit.

Value Engineering

Our comprehensive design process has been created to help identify opportunities for cost savings in the design of the project while maintaining the aesthetic vision.

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Project designed by Perkins + Will with design assist from FlexFacades by Structurflex.

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