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    • Economical alternative to metal mesh, perforated metal, and glass.
    • Facade screening up to 50% less expensive installed when using our FlexFacades Cladding Screens solution.
    • Reduce solar heat gain / dramatic energy savings
    • Green Screening / 100% recyclable*
    • Maintains views out & air ventilation*
    • Silver metallic mesh looks like expensive metal mesh
    • Innovative / Flexible Design Solutions
    • 10 Year Warranties / 20-30 Year Life Expectancies*
    • Fire rated (ASTM-E-84 / E-136 NON-COMBUSTIBLE)*
    • Less weight means less structure is required
    • It is possible to span wider spans than with non-fabric solutions
    • Easier to see from inside the space to the outside
    • Reduce internal glare
    • High-performance glazing systems become unnecessary
    • Reduce blinds usage
    • Maintain design intention and vision
    • A turnkey solution (design assist, engineering, production, installation)

* Depending on the material type selected.

Creating a visually interesting exterior for an office building that also creates a better internal environment and stays within budget is no small task. Fortunately, FlexFacades delivers.

With a variety of facade, cladding and screening solutions, FlexFacades gives building owners and architects options that are cost effective and green (up to 100% recyclable depending on material chosen). 

FlexFacades are as much as 50% less expensive installed than metal mesh, perforated metal, or glass, making them the perfect choice for value engineering. Because of their ability to reduce solar gain, they also yield dramatic energy savings.

Innovative and flexible design solutions come to life with FlexFacades, so you can realize an exterior facade that resonates with tenants and their clients, customers, and patients. FlexFacades also offer interior benefits, including reduced solar heat gain, visual transparency, and a comfortable amount of transmitted daylight.

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Office buildings across the country have benefitted from FlexFacades’ award-winning facade, cladding, and screening solutions, including medical centers, schools and universities, and traditional office environments. Architects we’ve worked with on office building facades include:

Perkins & Will
ZGF Architects LLP

Gould Evans
Michael W. Folonis Architects
Loewenberg Architects
Space Architects
SNS Architects & Engineers
and many more


The effects of heat and light with tensile mesh facades

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