FlexFacades Modular Panel Screens

FlexFacades Modular Panel Screens

SolutionModular Panel Screens (Aluminum Panelized Frames + Steel Clip Angles)
ApplicationsPanelized Self Supporting Frames on Buildings + Parking Garages
SolutionModular Panel Screens (Aluminum Panelized Frames + Steel Standoffs)
ApplicationsPanelized Self Supporting Frames Standoff Office Buildings + Parking Garages

If the creative vision for your project includes an intricate 3D standoff or unusual shape, our Modular Panel Screens may be the ideal solution to create the look of the project at significant overall savings. With our turnkey solution for your decorative facade screens, we provide details and engineering to help realize your project’s aesthetic design. Because of our unique process, we can frequently make larger modular panel spans with less metal allowing for a less invasive integration into your project.

  • Allows for a panelized design with minimal steel support in a more robust self-supporting aluminum-framed panel.
  • Allows for prefabrication to reduce onsite labor

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