St. Luke’s Medical Center – Broadway Medical Building Parking Garage

Part of the St. Luke’s Hospital campus in Kansas City, Missouri, the Broadway Medical Building includes a four-story parking garage that provides necessary parking for St. Luke’s patients, families, and staff. It also provided a source of visual noise during the day and bright lights at night for the patient rooms in the adjacent building a mere 30 feet away.

FlexFacades by Structurflex created a ventilated facade for the parking garage that protects patient room views from headlights at night while also maintaining ventilation within the parking garage. The streamlined design of the facade also creates a sense of calm for the exterior of the structure. Because of the tight space between the parking garage and the adjacent medical building, these FlexFacades Cladding Screens were designed to be a surface-mounted application.

Kansas City, MO


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St. Lukes Medical Center

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