Daily’s Place is a two-pronged project that consists of an amphitheater and an indoor football practice field, both connected to EverBank Field football stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.

The first phase is the Daily’s Place “flex field,” a 94,000 square-foot indoor practice area for the Jacksonville Jaguars football team. The flex field includes a regulation-sized football field, five cameras to film practices, and a conditioned enclosure maintaining a temperature of 75 degrees that will all make it possible for the Jaguars to practice on the field year-round. The flex field can be opened up, including to provide additional seating for the amphitheater, by way of four hangar-style doors (three on the south side and one on the north side). Sharing a roof with the amphitheater, Daily’s Place is truly a one-of-a-kind sports facility. The flex field facade is the first use in the United States of laminated PTFE fiberglass panels. This waterproof membrane provides significantly more daylight into the facility due to the clear lamination.  

The second phase, Daily’s Place Amphitheater, features a main floor that can seat up to 4,000 and a mezzanine and balcony, which can each seat up to 1,000. The exterior structure is formed from 67,000 square feet of PTFE fiberglass fabric panels suspended from the bottom side of the roof trusses. This was a very complicated design, requiring extensive engineering analysis and development. The roof’s structure creates a ceiling that reaches 70 feet at the apex of the amphitheater, and at night LED colored lights create a dramatic effect. The PTFE fabric panels can also withstand winds up to 135 mph.


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